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About the Learn in LA Film Program by Film Connection

Film Connection’s LEARN IN L.A. FILM PROGRAM is unlike any other film school on the globe, and goes the extra mile beyond even our basic “Learn Where You Live” program (more on that below). With our unique 6-month program, not only will you learn filmmaking in Los Angeles, the very heart of the movie industry, but you will also learn one-on-one as a film student apprentice, studying under some of the very best Hollywood professionals currently working in the film business.

Designed specifically for aspiring film producers and film directors, the Learn in L.A. Film Program doesn’t just teach you how to make a movie—it teaches you how to make YOUR movie. In our program, you’re not “free help” to assist in fulfilling someone else’s dream. Instead, we’re going to place you with professional Hollywood mentors who will take YOUR film idea and help you turn it into reality—all the while teaching you all of the ins and outs of filmmaking. There is literally no other opportunity like this anywhere on the planet.


  • Learn in REAL Hollywood film production companies and movie sets (not a stale classroom).
  • Learn ONE-ON-ONE from top Hollywood film industry professionals. (These aren’t just people who work in film; these are high-profile professionals whose films you can rent at Blockbuster or Netflix.)
  • Pay one of the lowest tuition rates in the industry (only $13,500 for tuition, books and equipment, with NO HIDDEN EXTRAS).
  • Make solid INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS with dozens of Hollywood insiders.
  • Develop your OWN FILM IDEA while working through our structured course curriculum.
  • Learn about screenwriting, producing, directing, casting, budgeting, lighting, tear sheets, camera, working with cast & crew, and pitching movie ideas—all centered around getting YOUR OWN MOVIE MADE.
  • Upon graduation, the opportunity to pitch your film to THREE HOLLYWOOD PROFESSIONALS (i.e., an Agent, a Manager, and Film Development Executive).
  • Upon graduation, a GURANTEEED INTERNSHIP at a Los Angeles-area film production company, agency, studio, or post-production facility.
  • Upon graduation, up to a FULL YEAR of additional job placement instruction and assistance, if needed.


The Learn in L.A. Film Program was developed as an enhancement to our basic Learn Where You Live Program, and is geared toward helping serious aspiring film directors and film producers who want their chance to make it big in Hollywood. Our basic program places students for one-on-one apprenticing inside film production companies in their local area, and is ideal for students who simply want to train for a career in film or television production on the local level. However, for those who want to break into the Hollywood scene, the Learn in L.A. Film Program offers these additional advantages:

  1. Genuine Hollywood connections with actual working professionals in L.A.
  2. Specialized mentoring—while all training is done one-on-one, you will work with up to seven different mentors in different areas of specialty during the course of your training
  3. Development of your own film idea (not just working on someone else’s project)
  4. The chance to pitch your idea (and hopefully sell your film) to real Hollywood executives


Time for a reality check: while you are no doubt extremely talented, the film industry is highly competitive. While a career as a film director or film producer is one of the most coveted careers on the planet, it is also one of the hardest careers to break into. That’s why even with all the opportunities that Film Connection’s Learn in L.A. Film Program can offer you, there’s still a chance that your film won’t be picked up. Please understand this clearly: there are NO guarantees in the film business, and we CANNOT guarantee you that your movie will be made, or that you will get a job as a director or producer.

That’s the bad news; the GOOD news is that as you go through our program, you’ll be making plenty of vital industry connections—connections that have the potential to last long after you complete the course. While we can’t guarantee you a job, we WILL guarantee you an internship in a Hollywood production company, studio, agency or post-production company after you graduate—and we will be available to help you with job placement for a full year after you complete the program, if you need us.

You might not break into the business as a film director or film producer right away; that’s the reality of this business. But upon completion of our Film Connection program, you will be well-qualified for almost any “below-the-line” job in the film business, so you can make a decent living as an industry insider while you continue to pursue your dream.

We can’t promise to make you a star; we DO promise to get you connected. That’s our pledge.


About our Main Offices in Los Angeles

Our main corporate offices in Los Angeles include six state-of-the-art sound stages on-site, which are used by many well-known industry leaders, with productions including:

  • Anchorman
  • Constantine
  • Coyote Ugly
  • ER
  • Fear Factor
  • Janet Jackson
  • Mad Men
  • Mission: Impossible 2
  • Panic Room
  • Planet of the Apes
  • The Ring 2
  • Terminator 3
  • West Wing

Check out the complete list of production credits for our corporate office studios.