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Student-Teacher Ratio
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Our Teacher-Student Ratio

At the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection, one of the features that brings us the most pride is our teacher-student ratio. While traditional film school classrooms typically place between 10-40 students with one instructor, Film Connection is designed so that our teacher-student ratio is always 1:1.

You read that right. One teacher to one student. Always.

The benefits of this should be obvious, but let us elaborate on them:

  • In a traditional classroom setting with multiple students, everyone competes for the teacher’s attention. With one-on-one instruction, you always have the mentor’s full attention.
  • In a traditional classroom with other students, it’s harder to get clarity if you don’t understand something (the teacher can only answer so many questions). When you learn one-on-one, ask all the questions you want! You won’t move forward until the mentor is convinced that you understand the concepts.
  • In a traditional setting, classes are at set times, and if you can’t work it around your schedule, you miss the class. With one-on-one instruction, you only have two schedules to accommodate (i.e., yours and your instructor’s), so flexibility is a breeze.

The bottom line is this: a 1:1 teacher-student ratio means you are essentially receiving private lessons in filmmaking, learning how to be a film director or film producer by studying under an actual Hollywood professional one-on-one. In our Learn in L.A. Film Program, as you go cover the different aspects of filmmaking, you may study under as many as seven different mentors, but with each mentor, you will always learn one-on-one.

That’s how we work. That’s our guarantee.