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The Top 10 Reasons why Film Connection's Learn in L.A. Program Gives You an Advantage Over Other Film School Students

  1. With the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection, you are trained to become a Film Director or Film Producer by actual working film professionals in the Los Angeles film industry—not full-time college professors simply teaching a course.
  2. All instruction in our program is conducted one-on-one. You receive private mentoring by your instructor, as opposed to sharing his/her attention with 30-40 other students in class. This enables you to learn more quickly and effectively.
  3. With the Learn in L.A. Film Program, you won’t just be studying on a campus near Hollywood; you will be studying in the heart of the film industry itself. Your “classroom” will be on actual film shoots and/or in real Hollywood film production companies.
  4. With our program, you will apply our structured course curriculum directly to your own movie idea—not someone else’s movie, or a “practice film project.” Throughout your six-month course, your goal will be to develop your own film idea into a major motion picture. Everything you learn will apply directly to that goal.
  5. The Learn in L.A. Program gives you the unique opportunity to pitch your film to no less than three Hollywood movie executives. (We are the only film program in the world that offers this.)
  6. By learning in real-life filming environments, you will have opportunities to make valuable industry connections while you learn, giving you a solid advantage with the job market. (In typical film schools, you will meet mostly other film students.) Because you will be learning among actual film professionals, you will have an insider’s advantage when it comes to job openings. Not only will you know about job opportunities long before other film school students find out about them, but you will also have the advantage because the people who are training you are likely the people doing the hiring!
  7. The Learn in L.A. Film Program is designed to give you verifiable work experience while you train, which is more valuable in the film industry than any degree you could earn in a traditional school.
  8. The Learn in L.A. Program equips you for a career in the film industry in about 6 months. (Traditional schools typically take 2-4 years to complete.)
  9. While “job placement” with other schools typically amounts to giving you lists of job openings, Film Connection goes the extra mile by offering you up to an additional year of training and job placement assistance through our Stay Connected Program.
  10. While traditional film schools can cost 70,000-100,000 to complete, the Learn in L.A. Film Program offers all the above advantages for 13,500. That’s a fraction of what you will pay at most schools.