The Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection

The Learn in Los Angeles Film Program by Film Connection, your Film School Alternative

Learn in L.A. Film Program Course Curriculum
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The Learn in L.A. Film Program Curriculum

Film Connection is a fully accredited film school that teaches students one-on-one through mentor-apprentice learning. Our Learn in L.A. Film Program employs an intensive 20-lesson curriculum designed to be completed in about 6 months, and geared toward moving your own film idea from the concept stage to completion.

Each of these 20 lessons with your mentor will be divided into two basic parts. The first part of your lesson will be spent going over the curriculum course material with your mentor; the second part will be practical application as you and your mentor work together to develop your own film idea.

With Film Connection’s Learn in L.A. Film Program, you can opt to concentrate on Film Directing or Film Producing. Click any of the links below to view an overview of each lesson in our dynamic film school curriculum.


Please click inside the boxes below to learn more:

A very short history of film Film Geek 101 getting your movie made
the movie script How to not get sued Financing your movie or film
Film Directing Part 3 Film budgets Directing Part 1
Film Directing Part 2 Film Production Scheduling
Cinematic leadership
Know your directors Pre-production part 1 Pre-production part 2
Cinematography and Production Audio Production design, costuming and makeup Working with actors and coverage
Post Production Marketing and Distributing