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Lesson 3 Overview

Hierarchy of a Film Production
Looking at the Big Picture


Lesson 3 - Hierarchy of a Film Production

In the first part of this lesson, we’re going to move beyond general theory behind the movies and start discussing how movies actually get made. We will go into detail about the six basic stages (or hierarchy) of a film production. These are:

  1. Development (which is essentially the stage you’re currently in with your own film)
  2. Financing
  3. Pre-Production
  4. Production
  5. Post-Production
  6. Marketing/Distribution

Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover along the way:

  • Above the Line versus Below the Line
  • You want to be a producer? So produce!
  • Various roles in production (e.g., Unit Production Manager, First and Second Assistant Director, D.P., Sound Mixer)
  • Proper Etiquette on the Set
  • Offering Expert Advice
  • Dealing with Different Personalities Effectively
  • How to Get Hired Again (or NOT)
  • Acting Responsibly with Finances
  • Proper Etiquette on Location/Dealing with Locals
  • Call Times and Wrap Time
  • …and a lot more.


Besides continuing to grow and develop your story (creating a story outline and transferring your ideas to note cards), in this part of the lesson we’ll also start delving more deeply into the concepts of writing for the screen. Don’t fear if you have no screenwriting experience; teaching you these concepts is part of your education with Film Connection. You and your mentor will discuss screenwriting, and you’ll continue the process of organizing your story line into written form. Soon, you’ll be taking the note cards you’re creating and using them to start writing your own movie script.

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