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Can I Attend the Learn in LA Film Program Around My Job?

This question gets asked a lot, especially in tough economic times like these. For many people, especially for adults already in the work force, attending school full-time simply isn’t an option—or at the very least, they must work a job on the side to make sure they can keep the bills paid.

Make no mistake, the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection is comprehensive and intensive—but it is also flexible. The nature of the mentor-apprentice approach is that your training always takes place one-on-one, which means there are only two schedules to consider when planning your class times: yours, and your mentor’s. Our program takes about 6 months to complete on a full-time basis, but part-time, night and weekend options are also available. If you have the dedication and the drive to make it as a film producer or film director, we will do everything we can to work around your current work schedule.

So if you don’t have the ability to quit your job to go to school, never fear—your dreams of becoming a producer/director don’t have to be put on hold. Not only does Film Connection offer one of the most affordable tuition rates in the industry, but our structured course curriculum also offers more flexibility than most of our competitors. Don’t let opportunity pass by because you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep your job. Enroll in the Learn in L.A. Film Program today, and let Film Connection help build a bridge between your current job and your future career in film.