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An Overview of the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection: Our Unique Approach

With the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection, your educational advantage is not only what you learn, but also how you learn it. We specialize in the mentor-apprentice approach, where all learning occurs one-on-one with seasoned Hollywood industry professionals. If you aspire to become a film director or film producer, you won’t find a better way to learn than the mentor-apprentice approach.


Simply put, Film Connection utilizes an approach that dates back to ancient times. Before there were schools, there were mentors and apprentices. Artisans, tradesmen and craftsmen have historically taken on apprentices, teaching them one-on-one in their own workshops and studios, one teacher to one student.

When the motion picture was first invented, and the film industry evolved around it, there were no film schools to teach people how to make movies. How, then, did people learn? They learned the same way people have learned for centuries—mentor to apprentice. People learned to make movies by sitting with someone who already knew how. Indeed, this proven method is still the best way to learn the film business.

As film education became institutionalized, colleges and trade schools began launching programs based on traditional educational models. However, history has proven that the traditional approach is ineffective in helping people launch careers in the film industry. Not only are traditional schools unable to duplicate real-world experience, but they do not provide their students with industry connections that are so essential to finding a career in this field. This is why Film Connection’s Learn in L.A. Film Program has gone back to basics, combining the better elements of traditional education (our structured course curriculum) with the age-old benefits of apprenticing in a real work place under a master mentor. The result is our mentor-apprentice approach, in which we place you in a real Hollywood film production company, where you will receive one-on-one instruction from actual Hollywood film professionals.


Because the mentor-apprentice approach occurs in real work environments, you will not be learning in a classroom. Instead, you will be learning one-on-one in real Los Angeles production companies and on real film shoots, from professionals with actual film credits. Just so you understand what we mean by “real film shoots,” take a look at a partial list of film productions where Film Connection students have been apprenticed:

  • War of the Worlds
  • Boogie Nights
  • Get Smart
  • Spider-Man (1, 2, and 3)
  • Happy Feet
  • Pool Hall Junkies
  • Minnie’s First Time
  • Professional video shoots for Alice Cooper, Janet Jackson, Metallica, Justin Timberlake, Chris Cornell, Eminem and others


As a student in our fully accredited Learn in L.A. Film Program, you will start off with a single mission: to develop your own film idea and try and get it picked up by Hollywood. Every lesson in our course curriculum is structured around this mission taking you through a step-by-step process while teaching you the ins and outs of filmmaking in general. You may have up to seven different mentors in the process, but all instruction occurs one-on-one in the workplace, in real production companies and/or real film shoots. Your mentors will coach you through the concepts of character and story development, writing your script, assembling a cast and crew, developing a budget, and more—all centered around your own film idea, not someone else’s. They will also help you perfect your pitch, so you’ll know how to present yourself and your film to Hollywood. By the time you finish the curriculum, you will have a fully developed film concept, ready to go into production immediately, if needed.

This is the point where we leave the competition behind completely. We don’t just help you develop your film idea—when you finish the program, you will be given the opportunity to pitch your movie to three actual Hollywood executives, people who are potentially interested in picking up your film and making it a reality. We are the only film program that offers this added benefit. We don’t just prepare you to break into the film business as a producer or director—we put the opportunity in front of you!


The advantages of Film Connection’s Learn in L.A. Film Program are many. In case you need reminding, here is a brief summary:

  • You will learn in Los Angeles, California—the very heart of the film industry
  • You will learn in real film production companies and/or film shoots, not in a stale classroom
  • You will learn one-on-one from actual Hollywood film professionals, people with real film credits
  • You will make dozens of solid connections within the film industry, giving you the inside track on future jobs
  • You will develop your own film idea from start to finish while working through our curriculum
  • You will have the opportunity to pitch your film to Hollywood executives who can make it a reality
  • You will have a GUARANTEED internship in a Los Angeles film production company upon graduation
  • You will receive, if needed, an additional year of job assistance and training through our Stay Connected Program; AND
  • You will receive ALL THIS for a FRACTION of the cost of traditional film schools.