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What if I Don’t Make it?

By now, you’ve probably figured out that the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection gives you the unique opportunity to develop your own film idea, then pitch that idea to three Hollywood film executives in the hope of having your film picked up. During the entire time you work with your mentors using our structured course curriculum, you will be developing your idea, gathering necessary items and making preparations, so that if/when your film is picked up, you’ll be ready to go into production immediately. No other film school on the planet is structured in this way; only Film Connection offers this unique chance.

However, it begs the question: what happens if my film is not picked up? Am I just out of luck? What if I don’t “make it?”


Time for some straight talk: as much as we wish we could, we cannot make ANY guarantees that your movie will be made, or that you will land a job as a film director or film producer. We are educating you in the real world, and we are helping you pitch your movie to real Hollywood executives—but the bottom line is, it is up to them whether they think your film is viable, and whether they want to invest time/money into it. The film industry is one of the most competitive businesses on the planet, and even the most seasoned professional filmmakers get rejected at times. We can prepare you for your big moment, and we can get you in the door (which NO OTHER FILM SCHOOL can do)—but what happens after that is between you and the Hollywood executives.


The good news is that if for some reason your film is not picked up, all is not lost—not by a long shot. There are several major factors in your favor at this point:

  1. While you’ve been going through the Learn in L.A. Film Program, and going through our curriculum with your mentors, you’ve been learning all the aspects of the film industry. This can qualify you for a wide range of “below-the-line” jobs in the film business (e.g., production assistant, gaffer, cinematographer, location scout, etc.). The fact is, there are thousands of people making a good living in the movie industry without being a producer or director. Your chances of landing one of these jobs are greatly improved just by going through our program.
  2. While you’ve been studying, you’ve been making lots of industry connections. Most jobs in the film industry are landed by having the right connections—and because you’ve been working with actual Hollywood professionals, you’re no longer an outsider. (Many of our students get hired even before they graduate.)
  3. Upon graduation, Film Connection offers you a GUARANTEED INTERNSHIP in a Los Angeles film production facility. This enables you to continue learning, growing and making connections whether your movie gets picked up or not.
  4. Upon graduation, Film Connection enrolls you automatically in our Stay Connected Program. This unique program offers up to an additional year of job placement training and assistance, at no additional charge to you. So if a job hasn’t already fallen into place for you when you graduate, rest assured you will have Film Connection’s full array of resources to help you find gainful employment in the movie business. answer the question “What if I don’t make it?”: That depends in part on what you mean by “making it.” First of all, there are many more ways to “make it” in this business than just by becoming a famous producer or director. Secondly, Film Connection offers you a unique opportunity to pitch your film, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only shot, or your only chance to make the pitch. By educating you in the real world, we’ve done more by this point than just teach you to make movies—we’ve made you an industry insider. You’ve got connections now, and you have more opportunities in front of you than most film school graduates ever get. If you work with the tools we give you, there is no reason why you can’t have a lucrative career in the film business while you continue to pursue your ultimate dream of directing or producing.