The Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection

The Learn in Los Angeles Film Program by Film Connection, your Film School Alternative

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Film Connection's Learn in L.A. Film Program: What You Get For The Money

Compare us with our competition, and you’ll discover that not only is the Learn in L.A. Film Program unique among film schools, but we are one of the very best values in the industry. No other film school on the planet educates its students in real Hollywood film production companies with actual industry professionals. No other film school helps you develop your own film idea, then pitch it to real Hollywood executives. Best of all, we do it for an extremely low tuition rate, which includes everything you need from start to finish—no add-on fees, no book/software fees, and no hidden charges.


Our all-inclusive tuition rate gives you all of the following:

  • You will receive one-on-one training from up to seven Hollywood industry professionals, each a specialist in his/her area of expertise
  • You will learn in real film production companies and/or film shoots in the Los Angeles area
  • You will receive our structured course curriculum, written by actual professional film producers, editors, cinematographers, etc.
  • You will receive all books and software for no extra charge. These include:
    • Final Cut Express
    • From Reel to Deal
    • A Short History of Film
    • Setting Up Your Shots
    • …and others…
  • You will receive personal assistance from your mentors in developing your own film idea—including coaching on perfecting your pitch
  • You will have the opportunity to pitch your developed film idea to three Hollywood executives with the express purpose of trying to get your movie picked up
  • You will receive additional assistance with homework or other issues, if needed, through your Student Services Representative
  • You will receive your own professional website, along with training on marketing yourself via the Internet
  • You will receive a GUARANTEED INTERNSHIP in a real Los Angeles film production company upon graduation
  • You will receive an additional twelve months of job assistance and training through our Stay Connected program