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Stay Connected - Our Job Assistance Program

As if personalized on-the-job training were not sufficient to help you launch a career in the film industry, the Learn in Los Angeles Film School has added an extra layer of job assistance support for our students through our Stay Connected Program. Combining additional lessons with active involvement in the job placement process, this unique program is in place to assist our film school graduates in the transition from student to film industry professional.

The Learn In Los Angeles program gives our students the chance to pitch their films directly to Hollywood—and even if their films don’t get picked up right away, the relationships they make in the process frequently lead to lucrative employment. However, in this business, employment is never a certainty, and some of our students need additional help in connecting with a job in film. Because we’re highly committed to the success of our students, we’ve put the Stay Connected Program in place to provide that extra help to our students who need it.

As a Learn In Los Angeles film student, you’ll be assigned to one of our Job Assistance Coordinators starting the tenth week of your course, who will then begin actively prepping you for industry employment. While you work through a series of lessons designed to get you job-ready, we’ll be working our connections within the film industry, making appropriate introductions on your behalf at real film production companies.

Structured to be completed every two weeks, the Stay Connection Program will help you refine your skills and potential by covering the following tasks:

  1. Write a one-page report describing entry-level film positions for which you are qualified. (Entry-level positions are frequently the best way for new film professionals to get their foot in the door.)
  2. Write a one-page report about the career options available to you in film. This exercise may enlighten you to possibilities you might not have considered.
  3. Create your own “Strategy For Success,” a 5-year plan defining your career goals in this industry and how you intend to achieve them.
  4. Create your “demo reel.” This is a visual portfolio of your work to date.
  5. Write a cover letter and prepare your resume. Now is also the time to request letters of recommendation from your mentors.
  6. Toward the end of your apprenticeship, talk with your mentor(s) about the possibility of working together beyond your schooling. Ask whether he/she knows of any job openings or leads for you to pursue. If not, your task is to research five specific companies where you might like to work. Identify what appeals to you about these companies, and how you might fit into the overall vision. Look over their client lists. Research to find out who you might contact at these companies to apply for a job.
  7. Research the application process for the five companies you identified in the previous step.
  8. Now it’s time to submit your application/resume to all five companies!
  9. Follow up on your applications to these companies. Be persistent!
  10. The week after your follow-ups, we contact these companies directly on your behalf.

Throughout this process, the Student Services department will be available to you to help with your specific questions. From career counseling to resume advice, or just for encouragement, we are always an email or phone call away.

NOTE: The Recording Radio and Film Connection is a licensed and accredited school, and while we remain committed to our students’ success, we are not a job placement service or employment agency, and we can make no guarantees of employment. That said, if you display the passion and ambition for this industry, we will do all in our power to assist you in the process of finding gainful employment and becoming a film industry professional.

You supply the determination and the effort. The Stay Connected Program provides the support and resources you need. That’s our commitment to you.