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The Tuition for the Learn in LA Film Program by Film Connection

This is the question everyone wants answered: What’s the bottom line?

  • What does it cost to attend the Learn in L.A. Film Program by Film Connection?
  • What does it cost to be trained one-on-one by real Hollywood film professionals who help you develop your own film idea?
  • What does it cost to have your own opportunity to pitch your movie to real Hollywood executives?

Are you ready?


That’s it. No application fees, no hidden add-ons, no extra cost for books, supplies or equipment. Everything you need for this exceptional 6-month program is included in this one price. You’ll have to arrange for your housing here in Los Angeles, but everything else is included. No strings attached.


For starters, the typical traditional film school program charges a total tuition of anywhere from 30,000 to upwards of 100,000 for a 2-4 year commitment. For that money, you might learn a little something about making movies. But here’s what’s generally NOT included for that price:

  • Application fees and/or lab fees. (These are usually assessed in addition to tuition.)
  • Books and equipment. (Most schools charge extra for these, above tuition.)
  • Personal instruction from working Hollywood professionals. (Traditional schools employ full-time teachers, most of whom are not currently working in the movies.)
  • One-on-one, private tutoring. (With almost all traditional classrooms, the teacher:student ratio is at least 10:1 or above.)
  • The opportunity to make real film industry connections. (Traditional film school classrooms are far out of reach of the real world, and most students who graduate from them have NO connections to the film business.)

Even more than that…there’s one thing we can virtually GUARANTEE you won’t get for your tuition at other film schools: the chance to pitch your film to Hollywood. We are the ONLY film school program on the planet that offers this opportunity to all our students, and it’s included in the tuition price.

Compare us with the competition, and you’ll see for yourself: no other film program offers this kind of value to its students. Film Connection’s Learn in L.A. Film Program is the most no-nonsense, most cost-efficient way to learn the movie business, and gives you a genuine opportunity to make it big as a film producer or film director—something no other film program can offer.


You could spend up to 4 years of your life in a traditional film school, accumulate a mountain of burdensome, dream-killing student debt, and graduate with a virtually useless degree, no job, and no prospects;


You could spend six months learning the same things you’d learn in a traditional film school, but learning them one-on-one from real Hollywood film professionals (people with actual movie credits), develop your own film idea while you learn, pitch that idea to THREE people in the industry who can actually do something with it, and graduate with all the industry connections of a Hollywood insider—for 13,500.

Which one makes more sense? You decide.


Not only is Film Connection’s Learn in L.A. Film Program one of the most affordable film programs available, but paying for it is much easier than you might think. As a fully accredited school, we can offer a variety of financial aid packages, and our Financial Aid Counselors can process the paperwork for you at no extra charge. We also offer an array of in-house financing options to keep the burden as low as possible. Contact our office at 800-755-7597 to see what financing options we put together for you.


If you can swing it, paying in full saves you the most in the long run, because you accumulate no interest and graduate with no debt.


We can arrange for you to spread payments out over 6 to 36 months, with a required down payment of $2,500.

Payment Plan Deposit Principal 11.99% APR Total Monthly Pymt
6 Months 2700 10800 372.85 11172.85 1862.15
7 Months 2700 10800 428.00 11228.00 1604.01
8 Months 2700 10800 483.54 11283.54 1410.45
9 Months 2700 10800 539.06 11339.06 1259.90
10 Months 2700 10800 594.91 11394.91 1139.50
11 Months 2700 10800 650.77 11450.77 1040.98
12 Months 2700 10800 706.96 11506.96 958.92
13 Months 2700 10800 763.45 11563.45 889.50
14 Months 2700 10800 819.46 11619.46 829.97
15 Months 2700 10800 875.83 11675.83 778.39
16 Months 2700 10800 732.07 11732.07 733.25
17 Months 2700 10800 989.04 11789.04 693.48
18 Months 2700 10800 1045.95 11845.95 658.11
19 Months 2700 10800 1103.12 11903.12 626.49
20 Months 2700 10800 1160.58 11960.58 598.03
21 Months 2700 10800 1218.14 12018.14 572.30
22 Months 2700 10800 1275.95 12075.95 548.91
23 Months 2700 10800 1333.90 12133.90 527.57
24 Months 2700 10800 392.08 12192.08 508.01

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